On behalf of the SBSA Committee, we want to welcome you to the 2016 SBSA World Ring Championship Series. We hope to provide you with the Ultimate Softball Experience, a weekend filled with fun, fellowship and competitive softball.





·          Over-the-fence Home Runs are limited in various SBSA divisions. All fair untouched fly balls over-the-fence in excess of the limit will be ruled an out. On all Home Runs, batter and base runners may Hit and Sit.


The following Homerun Rules will apply per Team, by Division:


o    Men’s Recreational                                 4 Home Runs

o    Men’s Low Recreational                         0 Home Runs

o    Women Combined Rec                           3 Home Runs

o    COED                                                      4 Home Runs

o    40+ Seniors                                             6 Home Runs then Singles

o    50+ Seniors                                             6 Home Runs then Singles



·          THE PITCHING AREA is the area the width of the Pitcher’s Rubber Plate (24 inches) up to six (6) feet behind the Pitcher’s Plate



·          Any line drive ball hit between the width of the Pitchers Rubber Plate and the pitchers height will be a dead ball out. If ball contacts ground first it is a live playable ball.  

o    1st offense will be a dead ball out,

o    2nd offense by the same player will result in that player being an offensive ejection from the game. Player can still play defense, but will be an out in the lineup, unless player is substituted for with no re-entry allowed.

·          Batters start with a 1 and 1 count, with no courtesy foul allowed.


RUN RULE:    15 after 3, 12 after 4, and 10 after 5.   Flip-Flop rule will be in effect.

·          Flip/Flop Rule—All Programs: In the inning when the run rule is exceeded and the home team is losing, the home team will remain at bat and become the visiting team. If the team (new visiting team) does not score

enough runs to reduce the run difference below the run rule, the game is over. If they reduce the run difference to below the run rule then the new home team will bat. If they subsequently score enough runs to exceed the run rule, the game will be over; if they do not, the game will continue under that format. If the situation reverses, the teams would flip/flop again.



·          Shall consist of seven innings, or 60 minutes, whichever comes first. Home team will be responsible for keeping an official scorebook.

·          THE CHOICE OF FIRST OR LAST BAT in the inning shall be decided by a coin toss. In the championship game, the undefeated team gets the choice of home or visitor. If the tournament goes to an “if” it would revert back to a coin toss.

·          A Game that is tied at the end of seven innings shall be continued, by playing additional innings until one Team has scored more runs than the other at the end of a completed inning; last out will be placed at second base and Two-Pitch Format will be used.


·          All rosters must be turned in before 1st game. No additions will be allowed after first game is completed.

·          Black-American World - Teams are allowed to have up to 6 non-blacks on roster, 5 non-blacks may be in lineup, if the team is using a DH/EH, otherwise only 4 non-blacks can be in lineup. All players participating shall have photo ID available. If Origin can be questioned, player must also have a valid birth certificate or certified document available to validated nationality.

·          A Men’s Rec Team will be allowed to have only players that are classified on a USSSA “C” or lower team rating. No player on the BSC Elite List, USSSA “B” classified player or higher, will be allowed to participate at all. No USSSA Conference Players, no matter what class, will be allowed to participate in Men’s Rec.

·          In Men’s Low Rec, no BAC players, no BSC Competitive player, B Class or higher and no USSSA Conference Players will be allowed. A Men’s Low Rec team will be allowed 3 “C” player bumps.

·          In Women Combined Rec, no B Class or higher and no USSSA Conference Players will be allowed.  In a Women Combined Rec bracket, Women Rec SBSA classified teams may be required to spot 4 runs, 1 per inning to a Women Lower Rec SBSA classified team.

·          All Player Classifications will be determined by the SBSA Tournament Committee. It is the responsibility of the Team Manager/Coach to have roster reviewed by Director if you feel that your roster/player can be called into question.



·          All teams are allowed to bat up to 12 players. (teams must finish with the same amount of players that they start with)



·          A designated runner or DR is an optional player that can be used to run the bases for any player designated by the manager that is in the batting order that has batted in the inning once per inning. If a team uses the DR option, the opposing team manager and the Umpire(s) must be notified before the game starts (with the DR being listed at the bottom of the batting order). The Designated Runner’s position cannot be substituted. The player in the Designated Runner’s position can be used as a substitute, once the player listed in the Designated Runner’s position is used a second time in an inning as a base runner or replaces a player on defense or in the batting order (therefore becoming a substitute), that team loses the designated runner option for the rest of the game and that player becomes subject to the re-entry rule.



·          In order to protest player eligibility, a $300 fee will be required. Any team that wants to lodge a protest must have a completed roster on file, before a protest will be accepted. If protest is upheld fee will be refunded.

·          All protest must be made to the home plate umpire, the same inning that the illegal player is officially in the game.

·          Players can only play on one roster for the entire SBSA World event, with the exception of Senior Players playing 40+ or 50+.  Any player found violating this rule will be disqualified for the entire tournament, after confirmation with Tournament Director and officiating crew. A lost will be given to any team caught in violation of this rule.



·          Umpire is empowered to call a Game at any time because of rain, darkness, or for any other causes which puts the umpire, spectators or teams in harm’s way.

·          In case of inclement weather, the tournament will be placed in a rain delay. When tournament play resumes the director will go to a Two-Pitch Format, upon discretion, till games are back on track. If a Suspended Game is resumed, it must be resumed under the conditions that prevailed prior to the interruption that caused the Suspended Game. However, a Tournament Director may call a game if four (4) innings have been completed or a Tournament Director may alter the tournament format in order to finish the Tournament.

·          If either the City Officials or Tournament Committee deems fields un-playable after rain delay, all remaining teams on bracket will participate in a game by game simulated coin flip. If there is only one undefeated team, that team will be awarded First Place.

·          NO REFUNDS will be allowed.



·          At the discretion of the Tournament Director, due to delays, games may be played as “Two-Pitch” games. During these games the pitcher will have up to two pitches to deliver. If the first pitch delivered is a strike, the batter will be declared out. If the batter foul tips the first pitch, the batter will declared out. If the first pitch delivered is a ball, the pitcher has an additional pitch to deliver. If the second pitch delivered is a strike, the batter will be declared out. If the batter foul tips the second pitch, the batter will be declared out. If the second pitch delivered is a ball, the batter will be awarded a walk.



·          Physical Altercations will be automatic tournament ejections and players/coaches will be removed from the park.

·          Any Player/Coach ejected for a Verbal Altercation, by an umpire, must leave the complex for the remainder of that game and after review by Tournament Director, may serve up to a 2 game suspension. Failure to abide ejection in a timely fashion will result in team forfeit by Tournament Director.

·          Coaches are expected to control their team, fans and players.